Camera Workshops

Learn how to use your camera creatively!

Have you got a digital camera and no real idea how to use it? Your digital camera is a highly creative tool, yet most people never take their camera off the Auto setting. Spend 4 hours learning in a small and friendly group using a hands on approach, the four aspects that will change you from simply owning a good camera to consistantly taking great photographs. Learn these basic skills of digital photography with us at our studio in the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland. In his 4 hour workshop you will Take control of your Camera and never use the AUTO setting again! Aperture - how you can control Depth of Field and how much of your picture will be in focus Shutter Speed - how to Freeze the Action or Blur the Motion ISO - adjust how sensitive your camera is to light Exposure -“ Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO; putting it all together Camera Modes - what they mean and how to take control Get the Composition Right - take photos that WOW! Basic Computer Editing All you need is a digital camera with manual controls, a freshly charged battery an empty memory card a tripod (useful, but not essential) a willingness to learn and improve Act Now - Small groups only Limited places available